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Over 20 years of experience operating Tasmanian Tours
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Hello and welcome to Bruny Island Safaris!

We are delighted to have you here and cannot wait to share the breathtaking beauty of Bruny Island with you. With Craig and Lelle’s combined 40 years of experience in the Tasmanian Tourism Industry, we are fully committed to providing top-notch tours and food experiences that will leave a lasting impression on our guests.

At Bruny Island Safaris, we strongly believe in supporting local businesses and communities. That’s why we work closely with trusted Tasmanian operators who share our passion for delivering exceptional experiences. By carefully curating our favorite tours, we ensure that you can plan your Tasmanian holiday with complete peace of mind.

Preserving the wilderness that makes Bruny Island so unique is at the heart of our mission. We understand the importance of experiencing this majestic and raw beauty respectfully, which is why we employ knowledgeable local guides who have a deep understanding of the area. They will not only show you around but also regale you with fascinating stories about the island’s rich history and heritage.

Our Company Director, Craig Parsey, has an intimate connection to Tasmania’s lighthouses as he spent his childhood living at various lightstations including The Cape Bruny Lighthouse and Maatsuyker Island Lighthouse. His love for Bruny Island has driven him to develop one of Tasmania’s most authentic tour companies, supported by a team of passionate locals who are dedicated to making your visit truly unforgettable.

When you embark on one of our tours, prepare yourself for an exclusive experience that includes a visit to the iconic Cape Bruny Lighthouse where awe-inspiring views await you. And what better way to savor your time on this beautiful island than by indulging in a delicious lunch and morning tea on the beach? It’s an experience designed to delight all your senses!

So come join us at Bruny Island Safaris! Let us guide you through its wonders while paying homage to its history and preserving its pristine nature. Get ready for an adventure filled with jaw-dropping landscapes, delectable food experiences, and the warmest hospitality from our exceptional team.

If there’s anything else I can assist you with or if you have any questions about our tours or services, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to ensure that your Bruny Island experience is nothing short of extraordinary!

Day Tour, Lunch & Lighthouse

Cape Bruny Lighthouse

*Please noteYour Parks Pass is covered on our full day tours.

Giving you the best valued and most comprehensive tour to Bruny Island, including all foods, parks pass and lighthouse tour.