Bruny Island Day Tour - Pick Up Locations And Times

*For tours departing Hobart only


Tasmania has in total 19 National Parks. It’s highly recommended that you organise your pass before coming to Tasmania as you will more than likely need it many times.

They can be purchased online here. We highly recommend buying a Holiday Person or Holiday Vehicle pass, allowing you entry into any park in Tasmania whilst on holiday, including Mt Wellington, Cradle Mountain, Freycinet, South Bruny, etc. This will take any guesswork out of your holiday and avoid those potential fines if you don’t have one. Please keep your pass handy when traveling around Tasmania.

​Daily Pass – up to 24 hours, excludes Cradle Mountain ​​
Per vehicle (up to 8 people) ​$44.75
Per person (under 5 years no charge) $​22.35
Holiday Passes – up to 2 months (includes Cradle Mountain 
Per vehicle (up to 8 people) ​$89.50
Per person (under 5 years no charge) ​$44.75

Book your pass here Tasmanian National Parks Pass

Can infants join the tour?

Parents of children under the age of 12 months must contact us before booking. We do not recommend that infants join our tour and to hold off for a year or two until they are atleast able to walk. Nursing a baby on the bus is not safe even though it is legal in Tasmania for infants under 12 months.