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Southernmost Lighthouse Tour in Australia
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Cape Bruny Lighthouse Tours

A local business employing local Bruny Island guides.

The Cape Bruny Lighthouse, which is listed as a heritage site, is the only lighthouse in Southern Tasmania that offers tours, the southern most lighthouse tour in Australia. This historic lighthouse was built in 1836 and stands tall at a height of 114m above the dramatic cliffs and coves that make up the rugged coastline of Cape Bruny.

Both the historic Richmond Bridge and Cape Bruny Lighthouse were designed by architect John Lee-Archer, and they remain standing today, a testimate to his architectural endeavours. Visitors can climb the original wrought iron spiral staircase to reach the top of the tower and step out onto the balcony, where they can enjoy breathtaking views of the sweeping Southern Ocean, Tasman Sea, South East Cape, Whale Head, and various small islands along the coastline. The scenery is extraordinary in every direction, providing ample opportunities for amazing photographs. One can witness albatrosses, gannets, and other pelagic seabirds gracefully gliding above the relentless ocean swells. Migrating whales as well as short-tailed shearwaters can also be spotted from close proximity to the tower. Additionally, Sea Eagles and Wedge Tailed Eagles often swoop near the lighthouse.

The lighthouse prism has been superbly engineered and remains mounted to this day – an exceptional sight when viewed up close. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about this early navigational landmark that holds great significance. They will discover how it was constructed by convicts as well as gain insight into what life was like for a lighthouse keeper in this remote southern corner of our world.

Craig Parsey, Director of our company grew up on multiple Lighthouse Stations around Tasmania with his family during a time when being a Lightkeeper meant truly being one – including at places such as Cape Bruny Light Station, Maatsuyker Island, Eddystone Point and Low Head.

Cape Bruny Lighthouse Tour – $25 per person, self drive

Be enlightened by Bruny Islands’ most iconic landmark, the southernmost Lighthouse Tour in Australia.

$25 per person – minimum age 5 years
*Tours run daily between 10am – 3:00pm 1st April to 30th September
*Tours run daily between 9:30am – 4:30pm 1st October to 31st March.
We are closed on 25 December.

Tour Times:
*9:30am – 1st Oct to 31st March
*3:30pm – 1st Oct to 31st March
*4:00pm – 1st Oct to 31st March

Travel times from:
Bruny Island Sealink Ferry (Bruny Island Wharf) to Cape Bruny – 75 minutes.
Adventure Bay to Cape Bruny – 45 Minutes
Alonnah to Cape Bruny – 35 minutes.
Please allow extra time for traffic and parking.
Drive safely on our gravel roads…

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Cash and Credit card are accepted at the lighthouse for non-booked tours, availability not guaranteed if not booked online.

Parking & amenities are available on-site at Cape Bruny. No shops.

Please make your way to the tower to meet our tour guide, you will need to give yourself 10 minutes to get to the tower from the car park.

Please note – A NATIONAL PARKS PASS is required to enter all National Parks in Tasmania. We highly recommend purchasing a Holiday Person or Holiday Vehicle pass, valid for 3 months. Please visit Parks & Wildlife Service


Cape Bruny Sunset Lighthouse Tour

$80 per person, Bookings Essential

Cape Bruny Lighthouse Sunset Tours provide an ideal opportunity to witness breathtaking sunsets from the highest point of the rugged Cape Bruny sea cliffs. Explore the rich history and experience life as a Lighthouse Keeper while the sun sets over the Southwest Wilderness. Listen to the crashing waves below, observe Short-tailed Shearwater (Oct to April) landing nearby, and marvel at Albatross gliding along the wave tops.

Join our exclusive Sunset Lighthouse Tour for small groups every Friday and Saturday evening. Drive yourself to South Bruny National Park, arriving at Cape Bruny Lightstation well before sunset. Our guide will meet you in the main car park and lead you up to the lighthouse. This memorable experience is reserved for a limited number of individuals, with group sizes ranging from 2 to 10 people. At nightfall, Cape Bruny Lightstation becomes one of Tasmania’s prime locations for witnessing mesmerising Southern Aurora lights illuminating the night sky. You can also request specialty tours tailored to your preferences; just reach out for a quote.

Please note that you are entering a National Park and parks passes can be purchased online if needed.

Self-drive to Cape Bruny $80 per person
pre-booking is essential and guests must be staying overnight on Bruny Island.


Group size: 2 – 10
Operates: October – April on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Parking & amenities are available on-site.

National Park

Spiral Staircase

Breathtaking Views

​Do I need a National Parks Pass?

A valid park pass is necessary for entry into all of Tasmania's national parks. The pass is not included in the ticket price, as it is expected that visitors already have a pass when booking their holiday in Tasmania. We highly recommend obtaining a holiday pass for those who plan to travel around Tasmania, as it offers cost-effective benefits.

Various national park passes are available, allowing you to choose the best way to explore and enjoy Tasmania's exceptional national parks. The funds generated from park fees are reinvested directly into the maintenance and improvement of the parks and reserves. These funds contribute towards the upkeep of visitor facilities, walking trails, visitor centres, and other services.

Visitors can purchase passes based on their mode of transportation - either per vehicle or per person if arriving by bus, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot. If you don’t have a pass please let us know on the day and our wonderful team will assist. 

For more information on purchasing passes:

*Please noteYour Parks Pass is covered on our full day tours.

Giving you the best valued and most comprehensive tour to Bruny Island, including all foods, parks pass and lighthouse tour.