Bruny Island Lighthouse Tours – Southern Most Lighthouse Tours in Australia

The Iconic Cape Bruny Lighthouse is the only Southern Tasmanian lighthouse open for tours… The historic 1836 lighthouse towers 114m above dramatic cliff tops and coves that form the rugged Tasmanian coastline of Cape Bruny.

Climb the original wrought iron spiral staircase to the tower balcony and take in the sweeping southern views to the wild Tasman Sea, South East Cape, Whale Head and the small islands dotting the coastline… Experience the vastness and wonderful photo opportunities at every point of the compass – with albatross, gannets and many other pelagic seabirds gliding over the relentless ocean swells… observe migrating whales, short tailed shearwaters and wedge Tailed Eagles swooping close to the tower.

The superbly engineered lighthouse prisms remain in working order and unique to see close up… learn about this early iconic navigational land mark, how it was built by convicts, and how life was for a lighthouse keeper in this far south corner of our world.

Tour founder Craig Parsey grew up on many lighthouse stations around Tasmania, including the Cape Bruny Light Station. Knowing many of the last light keepers in Australia, Craig’s family experiences and stories will enhance your lighthouse tour discovery.

Bruny Island Lighthouse Tour – $10

Be enlightened by the southern most lighthouse tour in Australia. Bruny Islands most iconic land mark. Cape Bruny Lighthouse has just been restored to her former beauty and is the only lighthouse in Southern Tasmania open to the public. Towering above the spectacular rugged coastline on the South West tip of Bruny Island with sweeping views of the wild Southern Ocean and regular sightings of migrating whales. Shy Albatross, Australian Gannets and many other seabird species swooping and gliding above the ocean swells… providing fantastic photo opportunities at every point of the compass. Climb the spiral staircase to the lighthouse balcony and experience the spectacular vistas of the South West Wilderness and coastlines. Watch the seals playing on the rocks nearby and the albatross gliding across the waves with our telescopes. Whale sightings are regular during the Whale Migrations.

$10 Adults. $35 Family (2 adults + 2 children). $7.50 Children (5-16 yrs)


Operates: Tours run daily from 10am – 3.30pm during peak times and 4 days a week through the winter months.

Parking & amenities are available on site…

Just make your way to the tower to meet our tour guide.

Sunset Lighthouse Tour – from $45

Join our very special Sunset Lighthouse Tour for small groups only on Friday and Saturday evenings. “Self drive” into the South Bruny National Park and arrive at the Cape Bruny Light Station – well before sunset. Your guide will meet you in the main car park and issue you with headlamps and jackets prior to ascending the lighthouse. Learn about the life of a lighthouse keeper and watch the sun set over the Mountain ranges of Southern Tasmania. Hear the ocean pounding the cliffs below, see Shortailed Shearwater landing nearby and Albatross hugging the wave tops. This is a very special and exclusive experience for a select few. At night the Cape Bruny Light station is arguably one of the best locations in Tasmania to watch the Southern Aurora.

Exclusive experience for a select few.

Self drive $45 per person – pre-booking is essential


Parking & amenities are available on site…

The pure joy of discovery with nature, coast and heritage …
on breathtaking Bruny Island

icons of Bruny Island tour highlights including penguins, lighthouse and wine